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  1. sexfun
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  5. jerryhignight integrates into TinyPad, one of the world's best note-taking applications, as a start of its notes-sharing services.

TinyPad users can now publish their pads online through the SharedNote server. SharedNote would like to thank the TinyPad Team for their efforts in integrating their service into this popular application.

You can download TinyPad by clicking here


Welcome to!
SharedNote is the place to share your ideas, opinions, reviews, checklists, etc... in the form of notes.
SharedNote makes notes taking and sharing easy!

For the time being, users can write their notes using TinyPad, one of the most popular notes-taking applications on the web. Soon, users will be able to add new notes and manage them directly from the SharedNote website.

You can download TinyPad by visiting its official website at collaborates with TinyPad Team launches its services through its collaboration with the TinyPad Team! offers note-publishing solutions to the public worldwide. Its debu quicked off with giving TinyPad users the possibility of publishing their pads online, and showing them off to the world.

With the release of version 3 of their charts-climbing application, the TinyPad Team integrated the services into their little popular buddy. Now users can easily publish and share their pads online with the click of a button directly from within TinyPad. is proud to be the host of notes for one of the most popular note-taking application on the web!

Sharing tips

You can share your notes with your friends just by giving them the short link containing your username and note title. For example, if your username is john and your note's title is Dinner plans, then your friends can view your note by going to

http:// / john / Dinner plans