AUB Web Figures

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AUB sensus figures

Male: 50%

Female: 50%

Scholarship Aid Recipients: 39%

Countries represented: 69

Undergraduate: 6,221

Graduate: 1,351


Daily page impressions estimate

The main page's daily impressions are estimated to be at least:

  • 3 per undergraduate student
  • 2 per graduate students
  • 2 per staff/faculty member
  • 0-1 per alumni


Ad banner type

300 pixels x 200 pixels flash animated banner displaying different slides that show:

  1. Catchy, large-font title highlighting Bank Audi's contribution to arts and youth activities in Lebanon
    "Bank Audi sends AUB choir members to the most prestigious hall in the world"
  2. Group photo of students (from AUB choir) standing next to Bank Audi banner, holding Lebanese flag
  3. More suggestions?

Clicking on the banner redirects the user to the full story written by a representative from the publishing faculty, and showing more images