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13 th DEC

  1. physical check up 20th Thursday
  2. safety training for SC and SA
  3. electric sheet in staff quarter/namne list for room 316 319
  4. save water

5 龙城达人

  1. 年终奖励
  2. Annua l work summary
  3. Staff apartment staff canteen checks;
  4. trainers club
  5. GM session (Shirley arrange)
  6. 年底 报销



  1. code of conduct not sign
  2. 4th Feb Staf f Gala Party
  3. do not delay for payment to XiCai Co.
  4. policy Choir




X mas performance

  • X mas Choir
  • staff quarter hygiene ensure for Super 8
  • recruitment: Siping, changping, website;
  • year endn Meetins; X'max art Performance Chior;
  • Staff party
  • Year end summary , bonus;


Staff care 2:30 hANGZHOU Room Laura;


  1. language service team
  2. XiCai standardp



physical check up 23 Oct

  • Bus AnShan
  • Chef Liu, withdraw Cash fro m staff, Shanghai restaurant
  • Year-end Review Form to gm
  • Next Weekp Task;
  • swipe card or cash for Investment;

- 2011年度全市职工平均工资为56061元,月平均工资为4672元,比上年增长11.2%。



1. Business Result

2. Functional Competences

3. Leadership Potential

4. Staff Development / Retention

5. Effectives & Initiatives



- Japan Restaurant Ms. Li Bing Jie Ice; Xi An foreign affairs Wu Xiao Xia front desk working;


北安河 辛庄桥




1, 保险基数有差,2, 合同有老板章;3,工伤保险,4,劳务协议145人;


To Do:

evaluation for year performanced


- request 1000/per staff who work for 10 years for the 10th Aniversary


casual labor: salary /montly calendar days 1250/26days, holidays no payroll,;