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===14552===Delores L.===Crews===

===Brief Office Note===MFarmer===04/22/10===


<B>DATE OF BIRTH:</B> 11/11/65<BR>


The patient is a 45-year-old female with a recent history of PE (progressive from DVT versus in situ formation), who presented to the DHO Clinic this morning with complaint of right lower extremity swelling and chest pain. She stated that each complaint was "very much like" her prior DVT/PE episode. She complained of pleuritic chest pain and she was intermittently tachycardic. As the patient's vital signs were stable, I advised her and her fiancé to proceed immediately to the DRMC ER where she underwent bilateral lower extremity ultrasound and a PET/CT.<BR>


By report, on the evening of 04/22/10, each study was negative. The patient will return to the clinic on 04/23/10 for reassessment.<BR>


Prior to going to the DRMC, the patient was given a therapeutic dose of enoxaparin and was advised on self-administration. When she returns to the clinic on 04/23/10, we will restart warfarin at a higher dose as she is sub-therapeutic at 0.9 on 5 mg dose.<BR>