Test Pad

by scifijerry
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Bioshock 2 - Power to the People Stations:


Adonis Luxury Resort - 0

Atlantic express Depo - 0

Ryan Amusements - 2

Pauper's Drop - 3

Sirens Alley - 2

Dionysus Park - 2

Fontaine Fururistics - 2

Persephone - 1

Inner Persephone - 2





Kill Big Sister w/o Dying

Kill an Enemy with its own Projectile

Pay respects to founder of Rapture:


9-Irony: To get it, use Telekinesis to throw the golf club at the nearby model of Andrew Ryan, knocking his head off. (In Ryan's amusements. the first robot of Ryan there will be a golf club in the corner. Pick it up with telekinesis and hit him in the head with it.)

If you miss this one it is pretty early in the game and wouldn't take long to go back for it. If you don't save over your autosaves, just hop to the chapter and fight to the Journey to the Surface exhibit. The first Ryan puppet is the one you are looking for. He has a golf club and ball near a bookshelf by him.